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Affordable Physical Therapy Billing Services

Low percentage rate, no setup fee, 30-day free trial, monthly contract

Easy start and quick integration time

Olympus offers billing services for physical therapists at a competitive rates nationwide with 30-day free trial.

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Percentage Fee

Our rates vary by the size of your practice. Please call us at 800-216-2399 or complete the contact form, and we will quote you the fee.

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Setup Fee


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We can work on all accounts, or only certain ones, at your discretion. We charge only for the accounts that we work on.

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Cash Payments

We will not charge on cash payments, providing that your office handles them, and we are not involved.


Competitive Pricing

We are a specialized physical therapy billing company. With over a decade of experience in this field, our staff is productive and efficient. Furthermore, we have economies of scale, and we pass on the savings to our clients!

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30-Day Free Trial and Month-to-Month Contract

Experience actual results with our 30-day risk-free trial! Our contract is month-to-month; you can terminate it at any time without penalty.

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We work remotely with any EHR and PM software and clearinghouse you have. We handle both online and server-based software. If you do not have any current software, we will recommend one that fits your needs and budget.


Insurance Benefits Verification/Pre-Authorization

We can help collect old A/R, dating back to one year. If we need Old A/R Collections to make a manual call to the insurers, there is a $4 charge per verification. Generally, the results are provided within 24 to 48 hours. The fee is $4 per pre-authorization.

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Old A/R Collection

We can help collect old A/R, dating back to one year. There may be an extra charge for collecting on previously denied old claims.

Olympusptbilling credentialing


We charge $200 per provider per insurance company. There is a discounted bundle fee of $1,000 with for up to 8 insurers; provider per up to 8 insurers; This fee includes the preparation and submission of the paperwork, and follow up with the insurers.