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We provide services to over 100 physical therapists. Our clients vary from small single practices to large clinics of 20+ providers.


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Key Features of Olympus Physical Therapy Billing Company


Committed Billing Manager and Team

Our dedicated account managers and billing team are here to guide you through every step as we onboard your practice and handle your billing needs efficiently. You can rely on us to keep you updated throughout the process. If you have any questions or encounter any problems, we're always ready to provide immediate assistance and support to ensure smooth operations. EXPLORE


Collaborating with Your Software

Olympus works together with your project management software even when you're not physically present. If you don't have a project management software yet, we can recommend one that fits your needs perfectly. EXPLORE


Charge Entry and Claim Submission

Every day, we handle and send in claims with a success rate of 98% on the first try. This means that almost all of the claims we submit are processed successfully without any mistakes. EXPLORE


Payment Posting

Our team makes sure to quickly check if payments are eligible for each claim and promptly documents all Electronic Remittance Advices (ERAs) and Explanation of Benefits (EOBs). This helps us keep track of payments and benefits efficiently. EXPLORE


Follow Up and Appeals

We work hard to follow up on any unpaid claims within 30 days by contacting the insurance companies involved. If a claim is denied, we quickly address the problem and submit the claim again for review. EXPLORE

Customized Reports

At Olympus, we provide customized reports every week or month according to the preferences of our providers. These reports contain important information such as transmissions, payments, accounts receivable, denials, and more. We make sure to tailor these reports to meet the specific needs of each provider, helping them stay informed and make better decisions. EXPLORE

Patient Statements and Inquiries

Our team prepares detailed patient statements after checking for any payments that have been made. These statements explain any remaining balances clearly. If patients have any questions about their statements, our team is ready to help and provide answers. EXPLORE


Aging A/R Recovery

A/R recovery specialists are experts who focus on collecting payments for overdue accounts. They work diligently to follow up on every outstanding claim to ensure that the maximum amount of money is recovered. Their main goal is to help businesses retrieve funds that are owed to them. EXPLORE


Insurance Benefit Verification

Our team will promptly contact the insurance companies that apply to you and collect details about your medical benefits. You won't need to worry about dealing with them yourself. EXPLORE



Our dedicated team is here to help you with all the steps involved in getting the proper credentials and contracts. Whether you're a healthcare provider or a professional seeking to join a network, we're here to assist you every step of the way. From gathering the required documents to navigating the application process, our team is committed to making the process as smooth and efficient as possible for you. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance with credentialing and contracting. . EXPLORE

I switched to Olympus Billing after my previous billing company got very behind. I have been very pleased with their work, and the promptness of their responses to my concerns. I am at ease in working with them and love that I can access all the billing information online and enter ours there. I'm very glad I switched to them, it has saved me money and I am more comfortable with their quality of services. Thank you so much! I highly recommend Olympus Billing to any PT clinic.
Nicole Koenigshof, MSPT
Niles, MI 49120

Getting Started is Easy!

Please complete the contact form, we will promptly email you more information, a list of references you can call, and a sample contract. If you agree please sign the contract online and forward that to us. We will assign you a dedicated billing  manager who will contact you. You would be integrated with us in two to five business days.Please note, our contract is month to month, there is no set up fee, and the first 30 days are free trial. You can terminate the contract anytime.

You can also call us at 800 216 2399, one of our staff member will answer all your questions and would walk you through.